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Whitenoise is a multi-talentedĀ Hip-Hop artist based out of Toledo, Ohio. He is the founder of Glass City Records and originator of the hit single ā€œ419ā€ thatĀ made his debut in 2015. To say Whitenoise is a genius is an understatement, everything from the social pages to the website was designed by him. His vision is extraordinary and to most people he isĀ nothing more than static in theirĀ computer screens.Ā Whitenoise seeks out very well established artists to help guide them in the right path with their careers. His purpose has never been to push his own agenda, he created Glass City Records for local artistĀ to come together and expand across the world while carrying the name of the city on their backs. Whitenoise has no released project as of right now but says to beĀ releasing one in 2020.